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CR577 Power Mic with Tone Control


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The RF Limited CR577 is the best sounding hand held microphone in the cb industry. The audio is crystal clear. Plus, since it is an amplified mic, it will be louder than all the other noise canceling mics out there. While it doesn’t pick up a lot of back ground noise, you won’t be able to roll with the windows down like you can with some of the noise canceling mics.

  • Special Features Include:
  • Ceramic Element to give you the crystal clear reproduction
  • Volume control on the mic will increase and decrease your modulation when you transmit
  • Tone control on the mic will adjust the tone of your voice from lower frequenies to higher. Think of trebble…
  • 4-pin Cobra/Galaxy and similar radios
  • Category: Amplified Microphone with volume and tone controls
  • Noise Canceling Ability: 3 Stars – The purpose of this mic is to increase your modulation so you’re loud, not cancel out background noise.
  • Feedback Rejection: 2 Stars
  • Sound Quality: 5 Stars +
  • Power: Passive (not amplified-no battery required)
  • YouTube videos available

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in