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PowerPRONTO PP100 Power Supply – Voltage Adjustable

$ 189.99

PMax100HD Power Supply


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PMax 100 Amp Power Supply/Battery Charger/AC to DC Converter Explanation of Features These power supplies are commercial grade units designed for continuous trouble free use Connect multiple units together to multiply your available power current No meters, no on/off switches, no adjustments; just plug in and go. Originally designed for RV use, these rugged power supplies don’t need much room to breath. The fan will automatically turn on as the unit requires Connect to a battery for even more available power current. The unit will charge batter and power your equipment at the same time Regulated 12 Volt DC Power Supply 13.8 volts Ratings are continuous power Commercial Grade 2 Year Warranty Reverse Polarity, Overload and Thermal Protection Auto Fan – Thermostat controlled Specifications Input Voltage: 110 Output Voltage: Constant 13.6v-13.8v Output Voltage: Full Load Approx. 13.4v Weight: 7 lbs (75a=9 lbs) (100a=11 lbs) Dimensions: 7×10.5×3.5 Dimensions (75-100 amp) 7.15×11.5×3.5 Output: (model/watts) 35=460 watts – 45=600w – 55=780w – 65=950w – 75=1065w – 100=1440watts Amp draw (110v): (model/amps) 35=3.5a – 45=5a – 55=7a – 65=9a – 75=12a – 100=13a

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 5 in