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AnyTone AT-5555N2 Quad 5 10 Meter Amateur Radio

$ 239.99

High Power 70+ Watts Tuned


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AnyTone Quad 5N2 High Power Mobile Radio
Optional Upgrades Available:  Choose above 
  • Performance Tuning for optimization of power output and modulation
  • Professional Frequency Alignment for accurate and clear sideband transmissions


◆◆Big LCD displays frequency and all kinds of information

◆◆AM PEP: 50-60W / FM: 50W / SSB: 50-60W(PEP)
◆◆After Tuning>AM PEP: 60-70W / FM: 50W / SSB: 60-70W(PEP)
◆◆ FM、AM、USB、LSB、PA mode
◆◆ Frequency Tuning Step 100Hz、1KHz、10KHz、100KHz、1MHz
◆◆ ±1.5KHz CLARLFIER Adjustment
◆◆ Flexible Menu Function and PC Program Software
◆◆ ECHO Function
◆◆ SQ, ASQ Function (FM and AM mode only)
◆◆ RF GAIN Adjustment
◆◆ RF PWR Adjustment
◆◆ SCAN Function
◆◆ Programmable RB Function
◆◆ NB/ANL Function
◆◆ DW DUAL-WATCH Function
◆◆ Offset Frequency Function
◆◆ BEEP Voice Prompt
◆◆ +10KHZ Function
◆◆ SIG、PWR、SWR Function
◆◆ TOT function
◆◆ HI-CUT Function
◆◆ EMG Channel Function
◆◆ SWR Protection
◆◆ Power Supply Voltage Protection
◆◆ Key-Lock Function
◆◆ Six(6) Groups Memory Channel

◆◆ Model Name Customized Function

(below is new function add which different from AT-5555N)
◆◆ VOX Function
◆◆ TX and RX Noise Reduction
◆◆ Compatible with electronic and dynamic MIC type
◆◆ WX weather channel
◆◆ Weather Alert