AnyTone AT-5555N2 Quad 5 10 Meter Amateur Radio

$ 239.99

High Power 70+ Watts Tuned


Performance Upgrades *

Note: Some 10 meter radios come with echo from the factory. No cb radios come with echo from the factory. Check options (or picture) before adding echo.

SSB Optimization – Frequency Alignment

Alignment of the TX/RX frequencies are critical for SSB operation. We recommend an open clarifier mod be performed on radios such as Galaxy 949, 959, 979, 99, 94, 98, 2547, 2517.


AnyTone Quad 5N2 High Power Mobile Radio
Optional Upgrades Available:  Choose above 
  • Performance Tuning for optimization of power output and modulation
  • Professional Frequency Alignment for accurate and clear sideband transmissions


◆◆Big LCD displays frequency and all kinds of information

◆◆AM PEP: 50-60W / FM: 50W / SSB: 50-60W(PEP)
◆◆After Tuning>AM PEP: 60-70W / FM: 50W / SSB: 60-70W(PEP)
◆◆ FM、AM、USB、LSB、PA mode
◆◆ Frequency Tuning Step 100Hz、1KHz、10KHz、100KHz、1MHz
◆◆ ±1.5KHz CLARLFIER Adjustment
◆◆ Flexible Menu Function and PC Program Software
◆◆ ECHO Function
◆◆ SQ, ASQ Function (FM and AM mode only)
◆◆ RF GAIN Adjustment
◆◆ RF PWR Adjustment
◆◆ SCAN Function
◆◆ Programmable RB Function
◆◆ NB/ANL Function
◆◆ DW DUAL-WATCH Function
◆◆ Offset Frequency Function
◆◆ BEEP Voice Prompt
◆◆ +10KHZ Function
◆◆ SIG、PWR、SWR Function
◆◆ TOT function
◆◆ HI-CUT Function
◆◆ EMG Channel Function
◆◆ SWR Protection
◆◆ Power Supply Voltage Protection
◆◆ Key-Lock Function
◆◆ Six(6) Groups Memory Channel

◆◆ Model Name Customized Function

(below is new function add which different from AT-5555N)
◆◆ VOX Function
◆◆ TX and RX Noise Reduction
◆◆ Compatible with electronic and dynamic MIC type
◆◆ WX weather channel
◆◆ Weather Alert